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Delivery Channel Integration

Connect all delivery platforms to your POS. Print tickets in cashier and kitchen. Manage all online menus at once. Get centralized financial reporting that helps your business grow.

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POS Integration

All online orders injected to your POS. Eliminate human error, save time and save money. Control your full online delivery operation from one dashboard.

Menu Management

Experiment with deals/offers, promote certain dishes in high visibility positions, snooze products and add new items across all digital platforms with one master menu.

Financial Reporting

Consolidated robust analytics including delivery statistics and revenue information, all in one place. Compare sales across platforms, menu item sales and commissions.

For Everyone

Flat monthly rate starting from £20. No hidden charges. A solution for food businesses of all types and sizes - from cloud kitchens, small restaurants and food retailers to franchises.

What we do

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Time and Money.

We integrate third-party food delivery platforms, such as Uber Eats and Deliveroo directly into the Point of Sale of your restaurant. This makes everything easy. And our unique features including Menu Management, Financial Reporting and Branch Management, makes an already exceptional solution that much more so.


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